75 Blog Resources for Busy Bloggers

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but in a sad twist of WordPress fate…my entire server crashed as I hit the publish button. It’s only fitting that a post about blog TIPS is one that goes awry, so I’m going to lead this discussion off with another “rule” for blogging success: Always save your work. Even if it’s a silly roundup with tons of links and no words. I might have wasted an entire afternoon curating these links and adding them to this post before it all went poof. I’m not sure if I remembered to include everything from last time, but I certainly tried. So, let’s try this again?

I know that there is an overabundance of blog information out there in internet-land, and it can be absolutely overwhelming. In an effort to streamline those sources, I asked my blog buddies to send me their best blog tips. From staying organized to creating content, this list of resources has you covered. Take a lazy Sunday morning and get cozy with these tips!

75 Resources to Grow Your Blog









Bonus: This article from Entrepreneur has some great tools for bloggers to use. It’s originally written for freelance writers and entrepreneurs, but there are some helpful hints! Read it here!

I didn’t round up these links to overwhelm you, but there is a LOT of information out there to grow your blog. If you’re serious about diving deep into actionable ideas to grow your website, join us for Bloggers Get Social! I have an October class that starts on Monday the 6th, and it will run again on November 3rd. We have a great group already, but I’d love to have you join us!

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Bloggers Get Social is an online community of entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives who are looking for focus and innovative topics to grow their blogs. It’s about monetization, support, and getting sh*t done.

Every business day for three weeks (that’s fifteen days!), there will be a daily email with tons of information about a specific topic. There will be additional materials (think videos, printables, and a few surprises), and the Facebook group will be active with new ideas and questions posed by both myself and our community coordinator.


You will have the chance to read and absorb the information, participate in our discussion, and complete the daily challenges. Don’t worry! There’s no homework and each challenge shouldn’t take more than fifteen or twenty minutes. Set aside time in the morning or before bed to pop in!

  • 15 Emails. You receive one email each business day for fifteen days. Each email includes relevant links to tools to use for your blog, advice from yours truly on what has worked for me over the past few years, and a few new tricks that you’ve never seen anywhere (probably). The emails feature NEW content that hasn’t been shared anywhere before, and each topic includes actionable ideas and things that you can do TODAY to grow your website.
    • Day 1: Choose a platform + Photography
    • Day 2: Money + Traffic
    • Day 3: Social Media Strategy
    • Day 4: Time Management
    • Day 5: Network + Dream Up Your Ideal Goal
    • Day 6: Monetization: Getting down and dirty with what will work for you (and how to get there in the shortest amount of time)
    • Day 7: Instagram
    • Day 8: Twitter + Stumble Upon
    • Day 9: Pinterest + Google+
    • Day 10: YouTube + Vine
    • Day 11: Facebook + Groups
    • Day 12: How to Create More Content + Ideas
    • Day 13: Staying Motivated + Putting It All Together
    • Day 14: Meet Your Tribe
    • Day 15:  Now What?
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group to share, find a blogging tribe, and ask questions
  • 3 Google Hangouts (Once a week, times to be determined by group availability)
  • 1 Twitter Party to Celebrate (The last Monday of the month)
  • Placement in a blogging tribe with other bloggers in your niche/interest and accountability to help share each other’s content (as time allows)


I am SO excited about this one. Join {right} now and get Mama’s Got It Together’s blog planner.

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 What’s your favorite blog tip that you’ve learned along the way?

Psst…styled stock image courtesy of Shay Cochrane. She does awesome work and shares a monthly freebie!

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