My Toddler’s First Reeboks

 I received a pair of Reeboks for the purpose of this review. 

My son just turned two, and I am already realizing how FAST he is growing. Not only is he outgrowing his clothes and shoes, but the wear and tear on his clothing is definitely being noticed. My son is in daycare, and he goes to a great school where they play a LOT outside. They of course do the typical ABCs and 123s, but my son is already a rough and tumbler. He likes to get dirty, messy, and he is always sticky. The sticky part I’m concerned about… ;) Anyway, when I was able to browse Reebok‘s selection of children’s shoes, I wanted to make sure these shoes would last as long as they could.

Reebok Cars Shoes
I picked out these bright and cheery Lightning McQueen CARS shoes from Reebok. Their official name is DISNEY CARS NEON VENTILATOR 2V – INFANT shoes, and they are CERTAINLY neon. Man, you should see these babies in person. They are SO colorful, and that is one reason why I love them.

Cars Reeboks
How do you bribe a toddler to let you take photos of his shoes? Why, with cupcakes of course! My little man now fits into these size 8s, and he is growing every day. He has a lot of room in them so he can wear them for awhile, and I will say that these are a LOT more durable than his last pair of shoes. I am quite confident they will hold up on the playground!

Cars Reeboks
I also wanted to point out that they were wide enough for his toddler feet, and he wears them with no discomfort. He always grabs for his Reeboks! In fact, one of my son’s random quirks is he doesn’t like to take his shoes OFF. He wears them even through nap time, and sometimes after his nightly bath, he wants to put his shoes back ON! I have no idea where he developed this habit from, but I think it’s interesting.

Here’s to new toddler shoes! Did you toddler have any random quirks?

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