Seven on Saturday…make that Sunday…

I started writing this yesterday but decided napping was more fun. Here’s what I meant to say… yesterday.

7 Things:

1. Macy’s had a pretty amazing sale this morning yesterday! I was able to get some work clothes and I spent under $30! I had saved some gift cards ($50 worth) and with the crazy clearance sale (and a $10 Macy’s savings pass), I managed to score two suits, a pencil skirt, and another blazer for $27 bucks. I’m just glad I got a decent amount of work clothes and won’t have to worry about it next week when I start the new job. :) And, yes, join Mypoints if you haven’t! You get points for reading emails, doing surveys and maybe buying things and earning points. I’ve been to get about a gift card every 4 -6 months.

2. Diet Cherry 7Up. It’s addicting. It would be better with vodka in it, but it’s not even 5 p.m. and I’m alone. I can’t possibly drink alone with the dogs. That seems wrong.

3. My Urban Outfitters stuff came in and it’s more amazing in person. The ceramic dish is adorable and will look great in the bathroom. The owl jewelry stand will be ever so helpful in staying organized. The Ice luge will hopefully be the centerpiece for a future house party. :)

4. I’m going to get a pretty amazing product to review. It’s something that I’ve needed for a looooong time and I have put off buying for myself.

5. The weekend was pretty nice. Friday was spent at an arena football game (a friend is dating one of the players) and a lot of old friends were able to come out.
I cropped one of my ladies out. She doesn’t even have a Facebook (I know, shocker), so I don’t want her face all over the interwebz.

6. The puppy… oh my, the puppy. The weather is kind of terrible right now–a non-stop rain. Any beach plans for this area were scrapped and I am kind of getting in the mood to clean. I tried to let the dogs out, but the puppy wanted to play in the mud puddle. Needless to say he is a *mess* and a bath in necessary. Yet, it’s hard to get mad at that face…
7. Seafood Sunday. I beat the boy in Words with Friends (very addicting, if you have it on your iPhone… play me! Spicykrystal) and he is taking me out for dinner + drinks later. Score. :)

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