Top 2 Tuesday, The Pup, & Ch-ch-channnnnges!

Top 2 Tuesday: This week’s topic is pretty neat. I enjoy getting quality things for cheap, so I have *tons* of favorite items that are under $15. My ultimate favorite place to score these things is, of course, Target. Here are my picks:

1. Target’s Long & Lean Stretchy tanks. Obsessed. I have about seven of these including this pretty teal, lime, black, white, pink, yellow….They usually are about $7 but if you’re *lucky* you can get them for as cheap as $5. That’s how I majorly stocked up last time around. :)

2. Target’s Mossimo flats. It’s getting warmer now so I probably won’t wear these as much, but I love and adore them. Here are some that I have:

The Pup: He’s a celebrity. No, but really, I noticed this website a few weeks ago and have become addicted to see the “puppy of the day.” Today’s dog? Yep, it would be mine. Show him some love:

Changes: New job. Very busy. I suck at commenting. More later. :)

P.S.: My giveaway ends tonight! Lauren Nicole Gifts *ends 4/20

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