CSN Stores Review: Le Creuset

If you remember, a few weeks ago I was deciding what to buy from CSN Stores. With over 200 specialty online stores, I knew this would be a challenge. I *had* narrowed it down to either a Rachael Ray fondue set or a popcorn maker. Yet, I was drawn to Le Creuset. Oh, it’s beautiful. It just was calling my name…
Yes, I own Le Creuset and I’m loving every minute of it. I ended up purchasing the 2-Quart Pitcher and the Stoneware 10.5″ x 7″ Baking Dish in Cherry with a 7″ x 5″ Bonus Dish. And, lucky me, but these particular items had free shipping! Score!

CSN Stores had fast shipping and a very simple to use online ordering system. I had zero problems placing my order and I received confirmation very quickly. Many items, like the pitcher, had same day shipping so everything was at my front door fast. I was wondering how such delicate items were to be shipped… but everything came in great shape! The packaging CSN Stores used was super sturdy. I could have thrown that box off the roof of my house and nothing would’ve broke.

Everything was priced fair and it helped that I got that bonus free shipping. JC Penney is selling the same pitcher for $39.99… are they crazy?! CSN had it for a cool $24.95.

Another neat feature is that CSN keeps tabs of how many of each product are available so you aren’t guessing if it’s going to sell out! Right now the pitcher has over 5 in stock, so if you made an order, you KNOW you would get your hands on one of those babies. :)

So if you’re looking for some awesome cookware, go splurge and get some Le Creuset stuff! CSN has some great deals on some of their awesome stoneware. But, don’t forget, with over 200 other specialty stores… you’re bound to find just about *anything* else you might want.

The question is… what did I do with my new kitchen stuff? I’ll give you a hint… I used the pitcher first and made a very tasty summer beverage…

Recipe and picture to come as part of my new feature — Stay In Saturdays!

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Cook, craft, and celebrate on a budget! I'm a Florida mom, wife, and blogger who wants to inspire you to celebrate the every day. From easy recipes to fruity cocktails, Krystal's Kitsch is a place to enjoy a sweet escape.
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