It’s Friday…HEY!

I usually am a Friday meme-aholic, but I’m not feelin’ the questions today. No offense! One survey reminded me of the stacks of books that I’ve bought this year that I haven’t had time to read. It was seriously depressing. Even my Chelsea Handler goes unfinished.

Around the blogosphere:
*Tobin Inc. is hosting a summer swap! Sign up here.
*Stacy Says is giving away some CSN Stores cash. Enter here! I’m not going to lie, I just made a purchase of some goodies today (Review to come soon), but I totally need some more CSN $ to complete the “set” I’m going for!
*I got a fancy domain. Woo woo! It looks so much better in emails and things when I’m trying to work with various companies for PR purposes.

What’s up this weekend:
*Dinner & an arena football game tonight
*Torn between taking the dogs to the beach and/or baseball game (It’s a Bark at the Park type deal) or heading to an Aquabats concert (ever heard of them?)
*Mother’s Day is up in the air, but I am secretly plotting (well, not so secretly anymore) a visit out to a winery and stopping at Ikea. Doesn’t that just totally sound like a Mom kind of day?!

Have a great weekend and enter my giveaway! I mean, I would totally want a big sticker to put on my wall. Just sayin’.
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