Cruisin’ to the Bahamas: Day 2

Since we went to bed early, we were up early and ready to get to Nassau in the Bahamas. We arrived into their port at about noon, but it was storming!

Storm coming; Holly is the official meteorologist

We waited for a while for it to pass and headed off the boat. I knew just where to begin this adventure:

Senor Frogs!

It’s definitely a tourist-y place swarming with a ridiculous number of people, but they have great drinks for a decent price (well, liquor drinks. Beer was ridiculous!). If you’re adventurous enough, you’ll end up going through the shot conga line a few times to score a few drink so it was worth it.

Side Note:
Do you recognize these people?

They’re on TLC’s show Little Couple & their entire family was on our cruise ship. I guess someone’s brother got married and they were filming for the show. Needless to say our ship was crawling with cameras, producers and randomness the entire time.

Moving on…

After Senor Frogs we hopped on a water taxi to a beach near Atlantis–the big resort on Paradise Island in Nassau. The weather wasn’t exactly perfect, but we were just happy to get in the water. It was H.O.T. I’m a Florida girl and this Bahamas humidity was suffocating.

Once we got to the beach, we hit up the nearest bar…clearly this was an interesting experience.

They hacked open a coconut right in front of us and poured us variations of rum punch. I’m not sure if there was actually any rum in them, but it was all for the experience. =)

Quality beach time

I was desperate for conch on this mission. It’s amazing and well, I was in the Bahamas and it’s their specialty. I was wandering near the port trying to find some. One place was sold out (huh!?) and another person directed me to a fishing boat at the end of the pier for a conch salad. I’m like.. um… ok. Not shady at all.

My chef

My conch salad! I guess this is cerviche style? It was raw conch with onions, tomatoes, lime juice and other things that I can’t remember. It was delicious!

We got all pretty for the Captain’s Reception (Always go to these! Free drinks!)

& then it was formal dinner night. I had a steak and immediately passed. the. f. out. What a long, great day!

Psst. Last Day to Enter to Win a Soda Stream! I’m telling you, this thing is *amazing.*


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