Islamorada | Vacation Day Five & Hotel Review

Sorry, I might have disappeared without finishing the rest of the vacation.

After a very amazing Saturday, it was time to check out of paradise. I wanted to take pics to let everyone know about this cute find. I give all credit to Trip Advisor. The people on that site are really nice and honest about trips. My Key West trip last August was fueled by ideas from the forums, and I was steered to an *amazing* cheap hotel near Duval Street. When I began to book this Islamorada trip, the first place I looked was Trip Advisor. This inn was actually the #1 hotel in Islamorada.

Ocean View Inn | Islamorada, Florida

It was owned and renovated by an old Steelers player.

Outside our room

Our room came complete with a fishy friend.

One view of the room. I snapped this because this is literally the spot we became engaged. I know, it’s cheesy, but I wanted to remember it!

The view of the pool from our back patio.

Out back at the dock

It didn’t look like much as we drove up to it, but it had a very sweet cozy charm that I enjoyed.

After we checked out, we went to Ft. Lauderdale Beach for a quick drink before visiting my family. I had never been to south Florida before, but I really liked Ft. Lauderdale. It was beautiful and it felt like Spring Break all over again.

The view from Fat Tuesdays

While I’m lucky enough to live near a popular beach, it doesn’t have the same party atmosphere that Ft. Lauderdale had. It was certainly interesting!

Now I’m back home from a relaxing fourth of July weekend, and I have to get my bags packed again. I’m cruising out of Port Canaveral this Friday and heading to the Bahamas. We *might* have set a date, but it’s too early to really tell (though apparently I need to start booking things right now if I want the venue that I want!). Living in a beach town is great, but it certainly is busy — especially around spring break. Not only do we have an influx of snowbirds and college kids, the Tampa Bay area is home to several Spring Training sites including the Phillies, Yankees and Blue Jays. Hotels and other possible venues are getting filled fast… I think I need to get out my To-Do List and starting getting things done!


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    The OV is definitely a big time local hang out down there in Islamorada… I’ve never known anyone who stayed at the hotel though. Nice to know it’s a nice one!!! Ft. Lauderdale sure does have a one of a kind atmosphere. You don’t understand it, unless you’ve seen it. I’ve lived here all my life so it’s nothing unusual to me, but I’ve seen my family from a small town in Kentucky in awe. Cracks me up every time!

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