Wedding: My Bridesmaids are Fierce!

I knew from the beginning I didn’t really want a traditional dress for myself…or my maids. I didn’t really know where to begin, but I love cute (& cheap!) juniors dresses. My ladies all like to be a little fashionable, so once the colors were set (peach & aqua) I had stumbled upon these ruffly dresses from
I didn’t give much thought to them at first. I thought that it might be too early to buy bridesmaids dresses and it could be risky ordering things online. However, when the lovely Katie sent me the ruffly dress again when we were talking online… I knew it was the *one.* I alerted the girls and they loved it.

I let them pick whichever color they wanted, and we will have 2 blues and 2 peaches.

The dresses are slowly coming in and they are so cute! Luckily the dress is more blue than mint, and they seem to fit everyone pretty well. Now it’s time to tackle accessories & shoes, and I think we are leaning toward silver….

Holly loves it. Really, she does.




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