Shoes Fit For a Bridesmaid & Retailer Rant

My lovely ladies are wearing adorable dresses that you’ve seen here, and we decided we I decided I wanted everyone blinged out in silver accessories and hopefully some rhinestones here and there. I mean my shoes are pretty sparkly, so I wanted my ladies to glisten too.

I had told them to get any pair of silver heels they want; I’m not picky about that. However, I do know that for the ceremony it will be bit hard to hike through the sand in them. I didn’t want them to be barefoot and I didn’t want them to buy another pair of shoes….so I started searching for cheap strappy flat sandals they could wear for twenty minutes for the ceremony and beach pictures. You would think this would be easy.

Wrong. I couldn’t find just what I wanted. Everything was too… gladiator style…or expensive…or nonexistent. I suppose that since it’s fall sandals just aren’t a hot item right now (I was at least expecting some good clearance sales!). I, eventually, found a website that I thought would solve the answers to my problems.

Zooshoo had some clever Facebook advertisements (of course) and low, low prices. I was excited about their selection and I was able to locate five pairs of strappy silver rhinestone-y sandals for my ladies. I even splurged and bought a pair of glitter pumps for me since everything was so…cheap (And I needed to spend $75 for free shipping).

Madden Girl’s Atonee

Gosh, I love those shoes (and I also apparently love things that sparkle). Anyway, long story short…. after I placed my order….I received an email saying that my beloved glitter pumps were sold out. They refunded my money (without asking if I wanted something else in its place). Since I had free shipping, if I had wanted to re-order a different pair I would have had to totally start from scratch and pay the shipping fee. I wish they had offered another pair before crediting my card so quickly. Strike #1.

After a week or so I received my order. The box was a little small to be holding FIVE pairs of shoes…and sure enough…only four had made it to my doorstep. One pair was completely missing. I sent them an email late last night and this morning they offered me either another pair or my money back. He said that pair was also sold out…since they didn’t have another pair of silver sandals in the size I needed I got my money back. I just was shocked they didn’t even *tell* me that another pair of shoes in my order was sold out. Sigh. Strike #2.

Their prices are really good, but why is their inventory SO hard to manage?! I mean, really. A lot of their styles are sold out in the average sizes…so they must be doing business…and not restocking their product. They haven’t received 3 strikes yet, so I would consider doing business with them again… but definitely not for large orders. Or for shoes that I need right away.

Here is what the final shoe count is — two girls will be wearing the same shoes.

All of the pairs are from ZooShoo except the bottom left. I broke down today and bought that pair from Target.

Simple, silver, strappy. Done.

Are there any cheap online show retailers you can recommend me for future shopping?

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