So What If…


So What If…

* It’s 1pm and I’m still in my PJs.
* I had chips and salsa for breakfast.
* I’ve drank three sodas before noon. Typical.
* I have been on Facebook since 10am.
* I (obviously) took today off work. A hangover is clearly a great reason for scheduling a vacation day!
* I haven’t begin to Christmas shop for my guy. I don’t even know WHERE to begin.
* I still have Mexican themed party decorations hanging up in my kitchen from my little together this weekend.
* And, I definitely still have a 6 foot table covered in costume jewelry waiting to be assembled into brooch bouquets. That table might stay there until the wedding… LOL

* And, so what, I might have had a Slim Jim for lunch.


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    i totally drink more than 3 sodas before noon everyday… and then after noon i try and stick to water – but after 5-6 glasses i may reward myself with another diet coke… it all balances out – right?!

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    I had salsa and nachos for breakfast too! I find it to be quite yummy – I don’t like eggs and I love salsa and want it for breakfast! When I read your post I felt like you were in my brain! Pjs till after lunch and the funky foods. LOVE IT!

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