Top 2 things you’ve learned about friendship

This is pretty much a super appropriate topic this week. Getting married brings out old friends, connections with new girls over engagements and wedding details (courtesy of websites like The Knot, Wedding Bee, etc.), and realizations as to who is there for you when you get ready for your big day. Not to get all Bridezilla on you, but celebrations and special occasions really do make light of the people in your life and how much you mean to them. It’s not about birthday gifts or tagging along to all a bride’s appointments — it’s about effort and time.01. I love having a variety of people that I’m lucky enough to call friends. I have shopping pals, happy hour chicas, guy friends, my best girls, and yes, even some blogging buddies. I love that I can randomly text someone from middle school and meet up for drinks (when we haven’t hung out in years!). I love how I can call my best male friend at pretty much any time just to gossip or talk about the next drinking adventure. I love friends who make it seem like no time has passed — even if its been days, weeks or even years — since our last phone call or hang out! The best friends are the ones who know no bounds — the ones who are consistently there for you when you need (and in return, you are always there for them when needed).

02. The best friends might not even be in the same town (or even state!) but a five minute Google chat (Yes, I’m talking to you Holly!) is all that you need sometimes. I feel like we are all at the point in our lives when things are changing — some are in graduate school, some are getting married, some are having babies — but our friendships should evolve and not necessarily change in a negative way. Our differences might become apparent in hard times, but what makes us “friends” should never be forgotten.

*I do have to point out the irony of this blog entry is that very few of my “in real friends” read my blog! =) Ha!*


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    You make some very good points about friends, and I completely agree with you. Certain friends for certain things or times, but friends no matter what the reason, because they are there for you.

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    I had fun shopping for you.. I think you will enjoy what I got you for Spring time! Yay, it’s just around the corner (or here, pretty much) in Florida and I’m loving it!
    Hope you had fun at GASPARILLA!
    Lets meet soon!


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    I read your blog! Well, when I remember. I know I suck, but….in my defense, you should add an email option to your website so I can get Krystal posts sent straight to my inbox & I would read them more. : )

    Super excited for the wedding and to see you again!

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