Top 2 Tuesday: Celebrity Hairstyles

My hair is usually a hot mess. Living in Florida, it’s impossible to keep straight or curly or anything. The humidity kills my hair and no frizz product works. Honest. I drool over celebrity hairstyles just because I know my hair just won’t bend or curl in those ways. Sigh. Here are the two ladies whose hair I’m currently lusting after:

1. Aria from Pretty Little Liars

The volume and curl… I love. I’m sure this would be easy to do myself… but again… just not talented enough nor will the weather cooperate.

2. Lauren Conrad

Maybe it’s the highlights and the blond, but I love all the different things she does to her hair.

*Side note: I took in a picture of Carrie Underwood to my hair trial for my wedding, and the stylist said it just didn’t look right since I’m a dark brunette and Carrie had the amazing highlights. Oh well.


  1. says

    I know how you can get their look.Also, a curling iron doesnt work for my hair so i actually use a straightner. You can find out how to curl your hair with a straightner on youtube. If you dont put hairspray and you do big curls with your straightner you can finger comb through it and get a really cute nice loose wavy hair. Also if you look on they will show you how to do some awesome hairstyles you see on their shows. Another thing is actually frizz doesnt matter. The best hairstyles right no is messy. Its supposed to look like you didnt care and it is just a sexy look. So dont worry about the frizz. I mean have you seen some of the stars with some crazy frizzy hair. I have its worse then mine.Oh and blow drying your hair is way better then straightning with a flat iron. It hols a lot better and it will stay like that all day.Then yo can just touch it up with a flat iron the next day or if your hair is wavy in some places.

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