American Craft Beer Week: Cigar City Tasting at Datz

Did you know that this week is American Craft Beer Week? Well, it is, and I fully anticipate on trying different craft beers all week.

To kick off the party, we attended a Cigar City Brewery tasting event at Datz Deli in Tampa. A few weeks ago, Datz sold private party tickets through Groupon and each event had a different “theme” (we previously attended the Sam Adams beer tasting through this same deal). Anyway, it made for a fun date night!

Cigar City is brewed in Tampa and is *very* popular here. I checked and it can be found in other big cities in Florida, Philadelphia, and New York City. Neat. Every guest was able to indulge in five samples and eat tasty treats that were set up all over the restaurant.

Shrimp in a 1905 sauce
Truffles…with BACON on them. I think I loved them.

I am kind of boring and had samples of all the same kind of beer — a saison. I just know what I like already! :) No, actually, Cigar City has great beer I just prefer lighter, more fruitier, kind of brews. I actually really like their Guava Grove beer but I didn’t see it being offered. You won’t catch me with an I.P.A. or stout!

For my last beer, I decided to try something new…but I forgot what it was. Something with “red” in the title.

To continue “celebrating” Craft Beer Week, I’m heading to a beer tasting event with fellow blogger Jen. We’ll be sure to take pictures of everything we like so we can remember! =)
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    That truffle with bacon looked AMAZING! And I am open to trying all beers but I’m mostly into IPA’s and mostly avoid really wheat-y beers. This sounds like a blast!

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