So… I’m in Star Magazine this week

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She swears like a truck driver, blatantly ignores her fiance’s request to have a small, private wedding and threatens to beat up members of her bridal party. Yet temper-tantrum-throwing, booze-loving Florida grad student Krystal, 26, still has doubts about her Bridezilla status. “I’m just a detail-oriented person, so if that turns you into a Bridezilla, so be it,” Krystal tells Star. “I want to control everything because I know I’ll do it right.”

When we first met Krystal, she’s already given three of her five bridesmaids the boot, Now it’s time to try out replacements, who are expected to kiss butt and fit into the dresses that have already been paid for! From there, it’s your typical tale of romance as Krystal tries to keep her divorced parents from killing each other and drunken groomsmen from getting arrested – all while squeezing in a prewedding tattoo!

Things got so crazy that even Krystal is excited to tune in. “My bachelorette party was a very long night of partying, so I’m really interested to see what the ladies said about me behind my back,” Krystal explains. “Because I know they said things.” Uh-oh. It looks like Krystal isn’t done being a Bridezilla just yet!

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    I can’t wait to see the show. I honestly never pictured you as a Bridezilla. You are a brave soul for doing reality tv. That is on my “don’t ever do this list”. But I do love to watch others do it.

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    Hey, found your blog through Neely’s. I love BRIDEZILLA’S. It is so cool that you get to be on it. I have one question about Bridezilla’s. I hope it is not too personal to ask. My question is: What did you get for being on the show? Did they pay you? Get free wedding vendor stuff? or Maybe a free vacation? I am just curious. Thanks for reading and hopefully answering.

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    Haha! That is pretty funny! I’m downloading your episode on iTunes since I missed it!

    By the way, how was I not following your blog until today? Craziness! :)

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    Bwahaha…look at you Ms. Hollywood!

    I watched pt 1 of your episode last night & cracked up at your mom jamming out on top of the bar. I have to admit though, I totally threw up a little bit in my mouth when you licked that fat dudes’ nip *gag*…you’re balsy haha.

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