Wild Wedding: {The Cameras} *Gasp!*

If you didn’t figure it out (or I haven’t yet told you), I’m sure you realized there was a little something-something going on during our wedding. Sure, most brides have videographers and their weddings have a few cameras. Our wedding…. had an entire camera crew.

I can now finally share with those who have been following my recaps that we were filmed for We TV’s Bridezillas. It airs both June 12th and June 19th at 9 p.m. I hope you all tune in and get a good laugh, I know I had a blast with it. It was a very memorable way to spend the week before your wedding and wedding day.

I will post more in depth about it after the episodes air, but for now, I just wanted to clue everyone in! The previews have been playing repeatedly, I’ve been recognized by some attentive bloggers, and I’ll be in the new Star magazine that is on sale next week. The secret is officially out.

Be sure to visit the Bridezillas website, join in with Neely at Boob Tube Babble tomorrow (she has a special guest…wonder who it could be?!), and I’ll be live tweeting during the episode.

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    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you seem way too sweet to be on Bridezillas, based on some of the other girls I’ve seen on there. :)

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen the previews yet!! I need to start looking for them. That’s awesome!!

    One of my girlfriends almost made it on the show. But she didn’t make the cut.

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    Haha…I thought it was for sure that show when you mentioned a tv show but never thought of you as being one of ‘those’ psycho brides!

    I love it & I’m definitely going to watch. I’ll probably DVR it and tell all my family…yeah I totally know her, I mean, not in person or anything but whatever. lol

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    I just can’t picture you on that show! You seem so nice and normal, and those girls are (at least made out to be) cray cray! I can’t wait to watch!

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    That makes me feel better! :D I saw some previews a little while ago, and I thought immediately that I’d saw you! I couldn’t ever catch the full preview anymore, so I thought maybe it was all in my head! lol I’m looking forward to watching!!

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    I’ve told a bunch of people that I know someone who was on Bridezilla lol. I’m so excited and I cannot wait to watch the episode. How exciting! I also cannot wait to hear about how you decided to go on the show.

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    Oh my gosh, seriously?! I am SO going to watch that!! I haven’t seen any of those previews. I need to turn my TV on and leave it on We until I see you!! Yay!

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    We’ll be able to say we knew you when… hahaha. DVR is set – can’t wait to see it & read your blogs along with it. It’ll be great to see your narration of the whole shoot & process. :)

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    Just linked back to this via Neely’s post… I still think this is a super cool way to document your wedding! It looks like you had a blast :)

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