Wild Wedding: The Reception {FAVORS!}

We went back and forth with what to give guests as favors. Everything was expensive or lame or not worth the effort. I finally just bit the bullet and figured since we were doing shots at the reception to offer shot glasses to our guests.

Now, I read a LOT about how brides choose to avoid personalized glassware because honestly…where is the person going to put it? Where would they use it? And, perhaps the better advice I received was… everyone will leave them at the reception.

I used Discount Mugs to place an order for 144 shot glasses (hey, I wanted extra!). I ordered a basic design with a blue base and minimal personalization (just our names and date). I selected a cheaper shot glass and was THRILLED when they contacted me to say the style I wanted was discontinued. This meant they upgraded me to a better tulip style shot glass for free. On top of the fabulous upgrade, I had free shipping and a $20 discount for using Google Checkout. I also inputted a random coupon code I found through a quick Google search. I paid barely $1 for each glass. That was cheaper than most other “budget” options we explored.


Each shot glass was perfect! I was totally pleased with the final product. And, added bonus, none of them broke in the shipping process (I also noticed they sent us two extra shot glasses … probably in case one had broken during packaging/shipping).


I thought they were cute. Definitely our style and fit in with our wedding theme.

While I still have about 50 shot glasses, at least I know the majority of them found a home. To be fair, by the time we poured shot number 4 into these glasses… everyone had had enough to drink and probably just plain forgot. I don’t think people left them to be rude or because they had no place for them… they were just legitimately wasted. I can’t hate on anyone for that! :)

And, you never know. I just might need fifty shot glasses for a house party sometime soon. LOL

*All photography by CSE Photography unless otherwise noted.

What You Missed:
The week before the wedding I got a tattoo! We also had our beach rehearsal before having dinner, handing out bridal party gifts, and a wild after party. The morning of the wedding, I got ready and my girls worked it for the camera. We had a first look and we were off to the ceremony. I shared some candid pictures and the first part of the ceremony. The ceremony continued and then we shared our vows. We had a sand ceremony and our first kiss as husband and wife. We then threw seashells in the ocean and made a wish and took group pictures with our friends and family. We also took private shots of just my groom and I before hopping on the trolley. I shared all the details of our reception, and when we arrived, we mingled with our guests before eating dinner, ate some tasty BBQ, and gave our toasts. We had our first dance to Jason Mraz and the dance party began! I shared our playlist and then I smashed cake in my groom’s face. We did shots every hour and we gave out our favors.

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  1. says

    we still have boxes of personalized champagne glasses from our wedding. they do come in handy and bring back memories!

    your wedding is so beautiful by the way, i am a new reader and i love the colors and the style, really one of a kind.

  2. says

    I just went to a wedding so I have favors on my mind and WOW these are sooooo cute! I think this is a great idea because I know tons of people (myself included) with shot glass collections. Plus, who doesn’t need another shot glass? The beauty of shot glasses is the random assortments…long story short, fantastic idea.

  3. says

    So perfect! And you can’t beat a free upgrade and all those coupons! I think you are the most fabulous shopper I know :o)

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