Wild Wedding: The Reception {Last Call}

The food was gone, the kegs were empty, the photographers had left. It was truly time to peace out. We definitely had a GREAT party and it was about time to go.

Our last song was Esa Morena by DJ Laz. We were STILL ready to party (those that could stand at least).

Hit play.

This song should totally be playing as you look at these pictures that I randomly collected from guests’ Facebooks. This definitely shows another side to our wedding!
*And, you totally remember this song from Homecomings or Proms…lol*

Why yes, I am fist pumping.

You know it’s getting out of hand when someone ends up with red wine all over their dress.

Oh..yea…there were keg stands.

And … wrestling?

I wanted the party to continue on, I even went so far as to ask our DJ to stay later! However, our trolley was on a set schedule and it was time to take us back to our hotels.

And, that was that.

Best. Night. Ever.

*All photography by CSE Photography unless otherwise noted.

What You Missed:
The week before the wedding I got a tattoo! We also had our beach rehearsal before having dinner, handing out bridal party gifts, and a wild after party. The morning of the wedding, I got ready and my girls worked it for the camera. We had a first look and we were off to the ceremony. I shared some candid pictures and the first part of the ceremony. The ceremony continued and then we shared our vows. We had a sand ceremony and our first kiss as husband and wife. We then threw seashells in the ocean and made a wish and took group pictures with our friends and family. We also took private shots of just my groom and I before hopping on the trolley. I shared all the details of our reception, and when we arrived, we mingled with our guests before eating dinner, ate some tasty BBQ, and gave our toasts. We had our first dance to Jason Mraz and the dance party began! I shared our playlist and then I smashed cake in my groom’s face. We did shots every hour and we gave out our favors. We threw the bouquet and garter and I got a cute surprise from a band! We took pictures in the photo booth and then it was last call.

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