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I’m in a big funky funk. If you have communicated with me today, I feel bad for you. I just keep saying “After Thursday, it will be better.” Or, “After July 25th, I won’t be so stressed out.” There’s just always SOMETHING. Always. Tomorrow is an exam that determines if I graduate this semester and you know that I’ve been working a gazillion hours a week leaving little time to actually study. I finally am caught up on things and am ready to dive into the material but I wanted to take a quick blog break to clear my head.

After the exam is over, I have to prepare for a work trip to HARTFORD. First off, who lives in Hartford? Who has ever been? WTF is even IN Hartford?! I’ve barely traveled, let alone flown, let alone attended a conference for work. I will be there for 4 days which seems like an eternity. I have no travel booked, no clue what the conference entails. I’m trying to take things “one day at a time” but that day is rapidly approaching. I keep saying… “After Thursday, I can start thinking about Hartford…”

Anyway, here are some things I’ve pinned recently or forever ago that should make me feel like the world is not closing in on me and that I will, in fact, graduate this summer and that I will fly on a plane and it won’t crash and I will work and survive. Like I said, I’m in a mood today!

I love this and ya know… when I have time… it would be sweet to make.

Which, I will do if I pass this exam

I can only hope to feel this way again SOON

I’m ready to pop some bottles and celebrate my Master’s bitches. You know, if I get it.


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    Your pins are great! I think I understand how you’re feeling, and it’s the worst. You’re right- there is always something. But sometimes, the somethings aren’t as big. Those are the good times. :)

    I know no one in Hartford, except I think one of the babysitters of the fictional babysitters club had a dad that worked there? So maybe fictional characters of the 90s?

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    Love all your pins, especialyl that post it board. I feel the same way lately, and wish you luck on your exam and with your work trip. I’m sure it’ll end up being great! :)

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    Good luck girl….I know how stressful everything can get…..but trust be, you will feel way better when your exam is OvEr!!

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    Good luck on your test!

    And I’m actually well techincially not from Hartford, but from the area. Honestly, there isn’t much to do at all.

    There’s some nice restaurants, you can walk along the river, and
    if you wanna do shopping and have time, theres a cute little area in West Hartford called Blue Back Square.

    Thats about it though, CT is a big snooze. =(

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    Good luck!! I love all those pins – especially the last one about drinking and dancing on the table. Haven’t done that one in awhile, and it’s about time I should. You too!

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    I think that pin about walking like a champion takes the cake as my favorite pin!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Congrats again on winning the bracelet!!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up for Oh, How Pinteresting! I hope you do it again next week!!!!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

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    Very nice, very, very nice! I love all kinds of inspirational pictures like those, I have a huge collection of those saved on my laptop! :)

    (“Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY”; Nyu @ swap-bot

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