Target Tuesday: Free Shipping Gets Me Every Time!

It started with a tent. Why I, someone who has never been camping, felt the need to purchase a tent I’ll never know. Anyway, every day Target has Daily Deals. I look at it everyday — it’s an addiction. I very rarely buy (because to be honest, the deals are not THAT great usually or it is things that I really don’t need), but today they had a tent for 19.99. I don’t know how much tents cost but I’m like “Sure.” The hubby & I had been talking about tents randomly and so I put it in my cart.

Source: via Krystal on Pinterest

Then… I had been stalking these glitter flats for a LONG time. Sold out online. Didn’t have my size in the stores. I figured, why not just see if they have any more. THEY DID! Hooray!

But…. if I spent $50 shipping would be free (the tent had free shipping because of the daily deal). So… what else could I possibly need?

Source: via Krystal on Pinterest

Another cardigan of course.

Source: via Krystal on Pinterest

This was an impulse clearance buy but they look cute for a casual Friday at work. I hope they don’t make me look stumpy.

Source: via Krystal on Pinterest

Just because I needed to get the free shipping — I threw this cheapie in my cart today. It’s a cute color though, will be nice under a cardi or blazer at work!

I’m an impulse shopper at its finest. Though, I do know I will wear the shit out of those flats. :)


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    I used to check those daily deals everyday too! And yeah the whole, spend 50 dollars to have free shipping is sooo tempting but then I end up spending way more than I would normally with shipping!

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