Weekend DIY : Oh, How Pinteresting!


I’m not much of a crafter or a DIY-er, but there are some things that even I’m capable of. Here is my Weekend To Do List! I love how easy and FAST most of these are–especially the ideas where you use things you already have around your home.

EASY. Plates. Glue. Done.

A place to store my brushes. Now, the tricky part is… where ARE all my makeup brushes! They get lost so quickly!

Ribbon as shower curtain rings. Adorable!

Store plastic bags in an empty Clorox Wipes container!

Mason Jar + Votive = Creative way to store cotton balls + Qtips

Cheap project. Free paint stirrers glued to a mirror.

Magazine holders out of Flat Rate USPS boxes

Save all my cards by making it into a book with rings.

Scrapbook paper turns cheap plastic drawers into a cute storage unit

This is the most time consuming of the list. Spray painting shoe boxes to create colorful canvases!

And, last one,

Free nautical printables. Print, Frame, Hang. Love it!

I think I can accomplish these in a Sunday! What do you think? How many will I do? Most of them just involve storing things in new ways or re-organizing things I already own. What is on your DIY To Do List?


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    Love all the projects! Especially the chevron print shoe boxes and mirror, I really wanna do those! If you get all that done this weekend that is a serious accomplishment lol, go you! I’ve seen the makeup brush idea before but they used bright colored aquarium rock gravel instead!

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