Football {Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge}

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge


So… considering I live (or lived) in a city where all our NFL games were blacked out (Thanks for not buying tickets to see the Bucs!), I haven’t really watched football in like a year! Crazy, huh? I’m not much of a college football gal (I went to UCF and USF… not really huge football schools but they ARE getting better… USF for sure has some great football to watch locally), but tailgating is always fun. =) Here are some of the recent tailgate related pins I’ve posted:

Those early tailgates need some breakfast!

Buffalo Chicken Sliders.. yum!

Beer cheese dip! Hello, delicious!

And, of course, you have to have beverages…

One of my favorite beers.

Strawberry margarita shooters!

Pineapple sangria!

And, PS, how GENIUS is this:

Source: via L. on Pinterest
I’m sold. I need this! ;)
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