Random 90s Music & Music Linkup!

The giveaway that I ran last month where I asked for all your favorite 90s songs…. It started off as random, but then I was super interested in what you were posting. I went to go listen to these old songs… and then I thought… I want to list my Top songs of each decade! It made me not only inspired to start a weekly music linkup deal for a month but to also call out two songs that WEREN’T mentioned… by bands you’ve probably never heard of but you know the songs *all too well.* These are the songs that you KNOW but don’t know WHY you know them.

First up, “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. Huh? You totally know this song.

See? I told you. But, you probably can’t REMEMBER why you know it {unless you’re into hippie jam bands then you probably can’t place it}.

And, that’s just one of the many places it was featured in the 90s and even until today.

– Ice Age
– Enterprise commercial

I hear this song in the most random places. Grocery stores. When we went to Key West, it was blaring on Duval Street. Most recently, Slacker Radio was playing it on my “Great Songs You Forgot” station. Well, yes, I did definitely forget the artist and where I knew this song from.

Do you “know” this song?

Next is a song that used to always be in my head when I was younger. Not only was it the Party of Five theme song {YAY!} but I’m 99% convinced it was in my favorite kiddie movie of all time Heavyweights, but I can’t find proof of it. And, I no longer own the movie. Damn!

It’s “Closer to Free” by the BoDeans. I had no idea the BoDeans were a band until a few days ago. Again, Slacker Radio came through and played this song and such good memories came flooding back. Okay, memories of watching Party of Five and watching Heavyweights and being like 10 but whatEVER!

So — now that I’ve brought out some obscure 90s “one hit wonders” I’m going to announce that Jen & I are hosting a super sweet link up that will make you THINK and go through your iTunes and your photos…. Your Top 10 Music Lists!



November 1st *** Oldies {Anything 1979 and earlier}
November 8th *** 80s
November 15th *** 90s
November 22nd *** 00s
November 29th *** Current
December 6th *** Bonus Week: Soundtracks

You have plenty of time to schedule these for November and it will be a nice “break” from all the holiday blogging. :-) Though, i *do* love all the holidays posts … I also love jamming to old school tunes and learning some new songs! So, I hope you link up with us or Jen & I will just link up with each other! You’re soooo going to laugh at some of my favorite songs–especially my 90s ones!

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  1. says

    omg!!! matilda!! thats how i totally know that song lol cos that movie was my shit! ahhhh heavy weights! i LOVED heavyweights!! i never ever watched party of 5 but i totally know that song lol and cant believe matthew fox was on it. he’s just “jack” from lost in my eyes

  2. says

    Ohhh gosh…I can see where this is going! You have always been one of those friends that I never understood their taste in music. You love just about everything. We would got to a Lucky Boys Confusion concert and you would be wanting to listen to Backstreet Boys on the way home…yikes. I guess it is a good thing it was always MY car back then. : ) Haha. Miss you! I plan on linking up, but I am bad at planning and sometimes fail. Tuesdays suck for me. I get 5 hrs of sleep, wake up early and work fro 10 hours. Then I pass out.

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