Christmas Card Reveal & Outtakes!

Now that all the cards are sent, I can participate in this year’s Christmas Card Carousel & a linkup hosted by Kimberly’s Korner — where you get to share your cards! Great idea. I’m glad I sent mine off early this year!

Also linked up and shared with Kimberly’s Korner.

I knew I wanted a card with all the dogs, but it’s impossible to get them to sit still… So I decided to go cheesy funny this year. Christmas Props. Dog Treats. Tripod. It worked out well. Luckily I found a card that had a perfect layout for both the picture of the humans and the pictures of the pups. :-)

Merry Little Stripes Christmas Card
Customize your Christmas cards this holiday at
View the entire collection of cards.

Obviously — used Shutterfly. They had super fast shipping… let’s see… The color is much more vibrant in person and not so dullsky. I ordered about 50 of these and sent them out to the same group of people that got wedding invitations and a few others we added to our list along the year!

I also ordered several watercolor cards that I sent to blog friends to spread the FL sunshine! So — you probably received one of the following three:

Santa is a pirate!

Holiday Palm Trees — our version of Christmas trees :)


The holiday porch in Florida!

These are all from the Caswell Galleries and they have other cards/prints as well — East Coast, West Coast, etc. I saved one of each so I could frame and make part of our holiday decor in coming years.

Even more, I ordered some cupcake cards from Vistaprint for some other special people on Swap-Bot… and even more $1 tree cards for random Christmas card swaps! I think I’ve sent out over 150 Christmas cards this year. Sheeeeesh! It didn’t feel like a lot as I was doing them since I did a few at a time, but my mailbox has sure been happy lately with all the fun Christmasy mail!

This weekend I plan to display all the cards until the New Year with a DIY I found on Pinterest. Of course. I needed something that could hold a LOT of cards. I think I found just the thing! :)

But, without further adieu, some outtakes from “Let’s Take a Semi-Attractive Christmas Card Picture” day:



NOT amused.

DIRTY dog. Refused to get out of dirt.



Though — this is a favorite. I got this one blown up and framed!

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    Haha…Joe said ‘poor Scott” when we got your card! He doesn’t know this yet, but he is going to be on our Christmas cards next year! Any advice on breaking the news? I like the picture you picked best! It is SO you guys. The one with Scott’s arms around you is super cute though too.

    Ohh and I suck. Your card is in the mail..or, it will be tomorrow. I made it out on Saturday but kept forgetting to get your address from the computer. I got a little package for you too, but I highly doubt it will be on time since I am mailing it Friday. Ohh well, your my friend and you know I suck. I still get love from you though! Haha. Love Ya!!

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