current book:

So far – I don’t love it. I am not that far into it though… so maybe that will change!Also – just got this in the mail:


current playlist:

On vinyl! Hooray! I got my first record in the mail yesterday!

current color: 

I’m always into turquoise. Always.

current food:
Chicken. It was on sale so I’ve been eating chicken every night.

current favorite show(s):
Parenthood & Parks and Rec!

current needs:
For it to be midnight. Hello, Pay Day!

current triumphs:
I finally finished this awful stack of paperwork that has been on my desk since before Christmas. It’s like a NEW DAY today.

current banes of my existence:
I have to work Saturday. Yuck. Also – I was summoned for federal jury duty in a city THREE hours away. I better get excused or I will not be happy.

current celebrity crush:
I got nothing.

current #1 blessing:
Each other.

current indulgence:
Ben + Jerry’s ice cream. Did I really need it two nights in a row?

current outfit:
Pajamasssss! The best way to blog.

current excitement:
I finally have health insurance? That’s kind of nice.

current mood:
Indifferent but feeling mildly stressed out.

current favorite app:

Just downloaded Camera+ and it’s pretty sweet! I also always love changing my phone background with Cuptakes.

current favorite product:
Hmmm…am loving my Philosophy body wash!


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    I read one of Jen Lancaster’s books and loved it…I don’t remember the name of it but I know it wasn’t the one you’re reading. We’ve ate chicken alll week too (thanks, Publix)…

  2. says

    I really think you will get into “bitter is the new black” I love Jen Lancaster and her sarcastic form of writing. Also, check out her blog too… She is good for a funny story and cute doggy pics!

  3. says

    I don’t know what’s up with the button up there but it didn’t shoot me over to my page :(
    I hate html!!

    I sure hope you can get excused from Jury duty! That’s craziness that they want you to drive 3 hours!
    Congrats on health insurance!!
    I also love the camera+ app but you should also try picfx . . it’s amazing!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. says

    i have been DYING to buy a record album and get some of my favorite albums on vinyl!! i LOVE vinyl’s so much! jealous!! lol my mom was just telling me about camera+ but i wasnt too interested cos it sounded just like instagram lol im guessing its not though!

    OH! my clutch on my blog post today is from curly in the city on etsy :)

  5. says

    When I started Bitter is the New Black, I didn’t like it either. I thought Jen was a huge bitch, and I couldn’t relate to her at all. That changes 100% a few chapters in, and I FLEW through every single one of her books after that. Check out her blog too, if you haven’t already –

  6. says

    And Oh my gosh that stinks about jury duty! I’ve never heard of anyone getting called for Federal JD! I’m so sorry – hope you get excused, or at least that it’s short! Jury duty in our county is one week minimum. :(

  7. says

    Ben & Jerry’s is always a good choice. I’m still waiting on that magic flavor that is just as delicious as all the others but has no sugar, no calories… That’s on its way right?! Hehe

  8. says

    LOVE Mumford and Sons! And I checked out that book at the library because I love Leslie Knope! I did skim some parts but I just loved reading the random things…and the “ads” are hilarious!

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