Favorite of the Week {Nail Polish Pens}

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I never tried those nail polish pens just because I was convinced they wouldn’t work. I had no proof to this, but I just felt like it was “too easy” of an application. There’s no way it would stay on my fingernails and last. I had even seen reviews online where the product was slammed…

Well, I was wrong.

For Christmas I was given two Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Nail Pens. I tested them out and I really liked them. I was given the fuchsia chrome and a purple chrome.

Now — it’s not PERFECT. The formula is kinda liquid-y and sometimes it comes out too much on your nails. But, with a little touching up and some glitter top coat… I didn’t have to change my polish for nearly a whole week. That’s something unusual for me.

And, bonus, I can touch up my nails at work and not look that suspicious! ;)


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    That surprises me that you had such a positive experience. I used them late last year and found the polish chipped really easy and didn’t last long at all (ie in less than 2 days even with a top coat applied) Glad it worked out better for you!

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    I’ve used this kind before too and really liked how easy it was to use when I’m in a rush! I think it’s a great concept with it acting like a pen!

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    Oh wow, they really work?! They look fun! I never polish my own nails though. I bought nail polish at Ulta for the first time probably since I was in high school this weekend! But the plan is just to take it to the nail salon!

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