Favorite of the Week {Nail Polish Pens}

Everything According to Erin

I never tried those nail polish pens just because I was convinced they wouldn’t work. I had no proof to this, but I just felt like it was “too easy” of an application. There’s no way it would stay on my fingernails and last. I had even seen reviews online where the product was slammed…

Well, I was wrong.

For Christmas I was given two Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Nail Pens. I tested them out and I really liked them. I was given the fuchsia chrome and a purple chrome.

Now — it’s not PERFECT. The formula is kinda liquid-y and sometimes it comes out too much on your nails. But, with a little touching up and some glitter top coat… I didn’t have to change my polish for nearly a whole week. That’s something unusual for me.

And, bonus, I can touch up my nails at work and not look that suspicious! ;)


  1. ChiGirl says

    That surprises me that you had such a positive experience. I used them late last year and found the polish chipped really easy and didn’t last long at all (ie in less than 2 days even with a top coat applied) Glad it worked out better for you!

  2. Kelly says

    I’ve used this kind before too and really liked how easy it was to use when I’m in a rush! I think it’s a great concept with it acting like a pen!

  3. The Bases says

    Oh wow, they really work?! They look fun! I never polish my own nails though. I bought nail polish at Ulta for the first time probably since I was in high school this weekend! But the plan is just to take it to the nail salon!

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