Phone Photo Fun {“Disposable” Cameras on your iPhone}

Have you heard of the iPhone app Hisptagram Disposable? Basically it’s a camera on your phone that takes pictures with filters…the only difference is you don’t get to see what “develops” until you take a whole roll of film! So, you take 24 pictures with your iPhone and they “develop” showing you how the filters came out on your pictures. Bonus: You can “share” the disposable camera with others using the app… so you and your friends can take pictures on the same “disposable” camera!

Jen & I did this over the weekend. It was fun to see what pictures came out. It was also a way for me to stalk her over the weekend. She went to the movies, out to dinner, driving around town, I got to see all of that… lol.

Get ready for some really random photos.


Taken by me… Driving to work.

Current mood of my office! POSTAL! ARGH!

My cute cupcake calendar on my desk at work! An ETSY purchase of course.

Jen took this driving… the sky was pretty!


Jen’s man. This hat is hilarious. Wolf? Skunk?

Hello, delicious.

Same scene, I took this on two different “disposable cameras” we had going.

This was a place we went to dinner. On the water as the sun was setting.

Pretty, no?

So… if you have this app… we should become Facebook friends so you can invite me to take silly random photos on your camera!


  1. says

    what a neat app!

    I’ve said for YEARS that facebook should allow more than one person to upload to an album, so this would kind of be like that.
    It needs to get on Android.

  2. says

    Fun! I only have 2 more months and I can finally upgrade my old stupid phone that does NOTHING cool to an iPhone! I will be one with the rest of the planet…

  3. says

    That sounds like so much fun! My most recent iPhone app obsession has been Voxer (it’s a walkie talkie and it’s fabulous). I think I’m going to become obsessed with this one very quickly too.

  4. says

    My boyfriend and I had a conversation that went something like this when I was perusing your blog:

    Me: does this chick look familiar?

    Him: sort of

    Me: it’s going to drive me crazy wondering if I’ve seen her somewhere before

    Him: oh, babe, she’s one of those crazy people from that stupid bride show you make me watch all the time

    Me: that show’s not stupid…

    Anyway, that’s how I figured out who you were. I probably could have saved myself the trouble and just looked at your about me page, but I like to do things the hard way :)

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