Project 366 {Photo Challenge}

{ It’s Project 366 because this year is a Leap Year! Don’t forget! ;) }

I’ve been taking pictures as part of a January photo challenge… not only has the challenge been kind of neat (I really like seeing what everyone has been sharing on instagram and Twitter!), it makes sure that I participate in the first month of Project 366!

For reference, here is the January Photo a Day challenge I’m participating in:

So… how’d I do this first week?

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

  • 1: Me
  • 2: Breakfast. I’m way into these Jimmy Dean sandwiches for breakfast in the morning!
  • 3: Kaze. I adore!
  • 4: Letterbox
  • 5: Wearing leopard print yoga pants
  • 6: Slow dancing in random bars makes me smile
  • 7: Favorite {Christmas gift!}

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