[sick week]

You know how people disappear for days or even WEEKS on end? I always wondered WHY. I mean, if I were sick… surely the only thing I would want to do would be to prop myself up on the couch with my laptop and blog, blog, blog.


I pretty much have been in hiding since Monday. I’ve been sick — so sick! Yesterday was the first day I could actually eat three meals and today seems to be shaping up to be better than yesterday! Finally! Relief!

I even managed to go grocery shopping last night.

Small victory.

Now I know why people schedule posts… so life can carry on as usual even when behind the scenes things are a big mess!

I can’t wait to catch up with everything over the weekend. My house is in shambles, I have run out of clean work clothes, and my dogs want attention.

What a waste of a week.

Take it from me. Don’t get sick.


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