Will You Be My Valentine? {Pinterest Style}

I’m a crazy holiday planner. I can’t help but love when stores change their inventory for the new seasons and upcoming holidays (PS – have you SEEN Target’s stuff this month for February?! Adorable!}. Anyway, I started collecting ideas for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest already. Some cute options! This year will be… hopefully special. Our first wedding anniversary falls on February 19th. Was I smart to plan our wedding around Valentine’s Day or not? I guess we will see… I’m thinking smart… because it’s like a guaranteed week of love…. hahaha.

Dear Husband: No, you do not get out of Valentine’s Day because we got married a week later. Love you!


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    awh, so cute! I like those bookmarks (haha, funny story a “friend” just gave me a belated bday “gift”? It’s a butterfly bookmark…like from 1994. No lie…)

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    I love that Golden Girls one! My boy and I don’t do much for V-Day, which is okay with me. Usually just dinner or something (even though every place is PACKED!)

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    Everything is so cute! I feel like I just got my house back to normal though from Christmas and I don’t know if I am ready to decorate again! Maybe I will do low key Valentine’s day decor rather than go all out!

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    Hahaha omg, those Golden Girl valentines are too much!! Hahaha :-D I already have plans to make Valentine M&M blondie brownies for the big V-Day, yum!!

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    Hahahah! The Golden Girls are the best! Really cute ideas. I have my birthday, my mom’s birthday and my son’s first birthday before I can even think about VDay. But I just repined a few of these. Hopefully that will help!

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    omg how fun are all of these! LOVE THE pizza idea! THanks for the inspiration!


    p.s. come check out my THEIT camera bag giveaway! I think you’d really like it!

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    I have to admit, I really like those owl bookmarks, even though I’d quite cheerfully let Valentine’s Day pass me by. (All my friends said that I’d change my tune when I found someone but I’m still fairly indifferent)

    My partner always has other ideas though, I think he’s a bit worried that I’m just saying that it doesn’t bother me and that if he lets it go, he’ll have to pay for it later. But even when I say flowers would be fine or Valentines chocolate if he’s got give me anything at all, he worries that he’s not being original.

    (And that’s incredibly annoying, as chocolate is the one thing I’m always happy to receive, regardless of the occasion.)

    I’ve no idea what he’s plotting this year but I’m hoping that chocolate will be involved somewhere along the line.

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