{Bloggy Blues}

My favorite blogs are the ones that actually post real content. Sure, I enjoy reading what color nail polish you wore last week or what crafts you made from Pinterest (and I post those things too every now and then), but I love blogs that are real. Real emotions, real stories, what’s REALLY going on in the writer’s life. I mean, that’s why I read blogs. I want to relate to other’s stories and that’s why I decided to blog myself—maybe someone would relate to what I share. Or not, whatever.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately just because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share about myself and my life. Who exactly AM I and what the hell am I doing? I never had time to question myself before I moved—I had work, two jobs, a wedding that took up a lot of my time (both before and afterward, lol), and a ton of friends that turned any of my spare days into happy hour plans. Now that we have moved, I find myself sitting home alone a lot. Some days I enjoy it. Before we had our internet and cable hooked up, I looked forward to coming home and watching Seinfeld DVDs and journaling. Once we had all our utilities hooked up, I was able to catch up on my shows and Netflix. I found myself reading more—one benefit to moving that I have enjoyed. Since I’m not running myself ragged all over town trying to make it to work with over an hour commute or visiting friends and family, I have DAYS to actually open a book and READ. It’s quite relaxing actually.

Moving came so easily for us, I never really questioned it. I didn’t have to. I found a job quickly—a pretty sweet gig at that. My commute went from over 2 hours a day to barely 15 minutes. I like our new house better than our old one and it’s been fun exploring our new city. It’s just something is missing. Perhaps it’s friends, perhaps I need another job to keep me busy and my funds high, or perhaps I’m just in a funky funk.

I wrote what’s above about a week ago and never posted it. After saving it and re-reading, I really was just having a bad week. This weekend made me feel SO much better. I was able to hang out with my husband, the band that played our wedding was in town so we sat and froze outside a local bar listening, we slept in a lot, and I basically shrugged off my To Do List. It was nice!

I feel a lot better about starting this week and in just TEN days I will probably have the best blog post ever. Until then, I have a few giveaways from my sponsors and some catching up to do.

What’s funny is I had wanted to share one of my favorite uplifting songs in this blog post, and it was a Whitney Houston song! I had been jamming to her and Mariah all last week…very crazy about the news of her death. I’m sure the topic has been filling everyone’s Readers all weekend, but dying alone in a bathtub is tragic any way you look at it.


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    As I read this I kept thinking “I wonder if my current stress-balls behavior and anxiety is making her feel happier about everything.” And well, I hope so! I hope you get out of this funk sista so we can share happy hours a many, even though we’re hours apart :)

  2. says

    Waiting on the big news!

    I too have been in a blogging funk. I’m usually too tired by the end of the night to write anything interesting!

  3. says

    I feel ya. Now that I am in the unemployed world and not sure what all I want to do next (btw, did not get the ranch job), I have so much time to ponder w/ this free time and it’s kind of annoying. LOL…It’s easy to be distracted by everything (work, school, wedding planning, work commute, etc) when you still don’t know what the F you’re doing…so unfortch I can relate! Miss ya, chickie!

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    Excited about your big news reveal! I know what you mean though, as a new blogger I feel like I do entirely too many link ups and have been trying to really post more ‘real’ blog posts…

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    I feel you girl – I think that’s why I ultimately took my blog vacation. I felt like I was reading/blogging out of obligation and some of the “fun” posts can get mindless and I started questioning why exactly I was blogging. I think I’m at the crest of the hill now and should be getting back into it. My first foray into my blogging is today :) Hope you find your balance. I’m sure you will!

  6. says

    We ALL feel down somedays… I have those days once in a while and afterwards I think, “GEEEZ! Who was THAT? Glad I got out of that funk!!” Sounds like you had the best weekend (your wedding band!? FUN!!) and can’t wait for you great news!

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    I’m sorry you had a bad week! I struggle with how much of myself I want to share on my blog too. It seems like the more personal I get, the less people are interested though. Hmmm… I’m glad things are looking up! Sometimes it’s all about how we deal with the things in our life. Stay positive! I can’t wait to read your big post soon!

  8. says

    We’ve all been here, you’re not alone :)

    And I also enjoy ‘real’ blogs. I want to know that I’m not the only one that goes through certain things.

  9. says

    I’m with you on the ‘real blogs’…I’m guilty of posting fluffy stuff lately myself but I’m trying to get back more to writing about us even if it’s just a small bit.

    There is only so many link ups I can read.

  10. says

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in a funk. I struggle too with how much “real life” to blog about and how much to keep it light. Sometimes when you’re going through something personal it’s just hard to put it out into Internet Land, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

    Glad things are looking up though, and I’m excited for your big news! ;)

  11. says

    I’m the same way about blogs, I like the ones that post REAL stuff the best too. Sorry you’ve had the bloggy blues!! But Glad to see it’s getting better! :)

  12. says

    It’s funny because I think there are a lot of people going through the same thing right now. I know I haven’t been posting as much because I’m trying to figure out my voice, etc. I like that your blog is real and a mix of the fun and random with the real life stories…

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