My Funny Valentine

I ended up having to go through old MySpace and Facebook photos to sort of remember my Valentine’s Day throughout the years.

Last year – easy. Cameras were following us and we had Valentine’s Day lunch on the beach before he headed to work. We were married a few days after, so Valentine’s Day wasn’t so much of a priority.

2010 – Flogging Molly concert! I had to dig through the archives to remember … but how could I forget? We bar hopped, ended up at The Columbia in Ybor City, and then headed to the Flogging Molly concert. It was sold out and I had won tickets online – major win! It was a great show and I remember having tons of fun this night.

2009 – Our first Valentine’s Day as a couple. We went to this crazy bar in Ybor City {Crowbar for all you locals} where they were having an 80s Prom with a ska cover band. I got all decked out and we had a blast being ridiculous. This was one of those nights where a cab was totally necessary…as were 3am pitas from Pita Pit.

Holy 80s.

So, what did 2012 have in store for us?

Well, it’s a TUESDAY. I hate when silly holidays end up during the week. Doesn’t the calendar know we are WORKING?! ;) Honestly though, it was a very low key day as we both had to work–opposite schedules at that!

I picked up some grill essentials and some heart shaped candy for him. Some metal skewers and seasonings for cooking me food, of course. He gifted me some chocolates and a personal heater so I stop complaining that I’m cold all the time {It’s like soft and fuzzy and has pockets for your hands}.

After exchanging gifts at lunch time, I headed back to work. I stopped by Tijuana Flats for some To Go and am now catching up on life. Exciting Valentine’s Day, huh? Though — our anniversary is this weekend and hopefully our schedules won’t be as hectic.

Though, digging through my old photos made me want to share some hysterical photos.

Our first picture together. St. Patrick’s Day… 2008? Yes. 2008.

Our first weekend that we were “together.” He gets dragged to a preppy golf themed party at a club.

I feel like we look so young though it wasn’t that long ago!

His birthday a few years ago.


My 24th birthday.

Gotta love a photo booth.

We have had entirely too much fun the past few years that it’s kind of nice to have some low-key nights every now and then. Though, who am I kidding, we have been having low-key nights for several months now! ;)

The best thing about my husband is I know that he will be my partner in crime when and if we do have a wild night out. This past year went by so fast – it’s hard to believe we were married a year ago almost. We have made so many memories — with only more to come. More awesome memories. Some more awesomer than anything we have ever experienced. I couldn’t have picked a better person to be my forever valentine.



  1. says

    Love all the cute pictures! Tijuana Flats sounds so good. I’m thinking I need to go for Taco Tuesday next week.

    Our V-day is pretty low key this year as well.

  2. says

    i just love looking through old pics! i did it just the other day and will be posting some on the blog tomorrow! happy valentines day, krystal! :)

  3. says

    Oh man do I have some young pictures of him. I’d have to dig them up out of sorage though since that was pre digital age. Shoot it was pre myspace days let alone Facebook! As for your quiet nights in – every night for me pretty much. We managed Valentine’s dinner but were home by 7!

    Happy Valentine’s to both of you!

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