One Year {Anniversary}

Well — look at that. We made it to our one year anniversary. Not that I’m surprised or anything… it’s just time is seriously flying.

I can’t even honestly tell you that I’ve put away all my wedding goodies or dry cleaned my dress. Those things haven’t happened. I can’t even tell you that I ordered a wedding album {Well, I did order an album but a cheapie one from Mixbook} or that I have maintained my wedding weight. I didn’t get everything from our wedding registry — but it didn’t matter anyway. I don’t think we needed a lot of that stuff…you can just get carried away with the scanner!

It’s funny how many details you can forget over the course of the year — the day really does go by SO fast. It’s nice to say that I’m happy with all the decisions that we made for the wedding–even the TV one! It was kind of a blast.

I remember seeing my groom for the first time on our wedding day.

The moment right after we said “I Do.”

Just a feeling of being delirious happy– like, did this just happen?


But — what I most remember about our wedding… well, my memory is a little foggy. Shots every hour will do that to you!

I remember lots of crazy dancing.

Rowdy guests.

Lots of spills.

Keg stands.

More crazy dancing.

We still had our cute moments too.

Like when my husband got behind the mic and toasted and sang…

The last picture my photographers took is one that makes me laugh sooo hard every time I see it. It’s straight out of the end of a cheesy romantic comedy or something. Guy sings to girl. Crowd goes wild.
Total cheese and I love every minute of it.
One thing I’ll never forget for sure though … my entourage for the evening.

While of course I am “excited” to say that we have made it past the one year mark, I’m more excited about what is coming up for us this year.

As for us — things were not blissfully easy this year but they weren’t that difficult. We started new jobs, packed up and went south. It was such an easy decision to relocate and things have been pretty mellow. I know that our next few months might be a little crazy — spring training {my husband covers baseball} is already consuming his life. He actually is working today before we head to the beach and celebrate.

I’m just glad that we got married — he was the right guy for me and I’ve never felt more complete.

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  1. says

    Aw, happy one year anniversary to both of you guys!

    Also, you’re not the only one who hasnt gotten their dress dry cleaned & boxed. I’ve been married for six years & this shit still hasnt been done :/

  2. says

    Happy anniversary! I felt much the same way on our one year – I thought everything would calm down after the wedding, and it was just as hectic, and things didn’t get put away, albums didn’t get ordered, dresses didn’t get cleaned, the day was almost a total blur! We’ve been married almost two years- we just got our album in December, I never cleaned my dress (and at this point, it’s probably beyond repair), and all those mementos and keepsakes I thought I’d put together – never happened! Oh well! Life goes on!

  3. says

    Best wedding ever!! I think our clothes still smell like wine/ shots. Definitely lots of spills and some memory loss. Ohh and the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” song still makes me slightly nauseous! Haha. Love you guys! Happy Anniversary (again)!

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