Project 365 {Photo Challenge: Week 8}

Another week, another seven pictures.

This week was kind of a blur. From a second doctor’s appointment to revealing to the world our little secret, I felt like my mind was racing. In GOOD news, I somehow felt motivated and energized this weekend. Always a good thing.

Continuing on with the February challenge, here are some pictures I took this past week.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
  • 19: Something I Hate Doing. Writing in my planner. Yes, my Erin Condren is adorable and I love my colorful Sharpies I have just for my planner… yet most days my planner sits on my desk unopened. I *want* to write in it, I do… I just kind of hate it.
  • 20: My Handwriting. The first page in my Listography Book. It’s a cute book. I recommend it!
  • 21: Picture of myself that I like. I didn’t pick one from my wedding — too easy! I picked one from when we had been married just six months and I was tan, tipsy and accessorized!
  • 22: My Shoes. I cheated. Instead of showing you my shoes, I am sharing some baby booties that were a gift from the husband’s mom!
  • 23: Where I Work. Our building sits on this beautiful courtyard.
  • 24: Inside my Bathroom Cabinet… actually in my bathroom basket of products.
  • 25: Green. Yesterday we hit up the beach and there was green everywhere…

P.S. This is what a Listography book is:

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    Saw you guys were at Lover’s Key yesterday. We went there on an anniversary trip and loved it! We want to make a visit back to the area sometime soon!

    As for St. Augustine – come stay with us and we can drive up there together for a weekend. We have some beautiful back roads you can take to get there from us too!

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