Easter is Pretty Pinteresting

{Note: When I don’t blog I’m clearly in a funk. This funk is holding strong. Bleech! Even though it’s not all sunshine and puppy dogs, I have some Easter pins to share. I hope to do something for Easter this year. I probably won’t decorate — but perhaps some Easter treats or splurge on pastel nail polish!}

I have a few other “crafts” that I’ve saved that require loads of paint colors. Would the guys at Lowe’s sideways eye me if I just threw a bunch in my purse? ;)

I could actually make these.
And these. Chocolate + pretzels = my go-to holiday treat.
I love bright yellow flowers.

A little labor intensive — but cute!

Easter S’Mores?! I need to read more about this!
Did you know you can mail some plastic eggs?! This — I might have to try!!
LOVE these colors!

Jello eggs!

No idea how to make this but I’m obsessed with the colors.

I still swoon over bunting!

Maybe the pastel colors will lift my spirits today! =]


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    Sucks about your blogging funk. I hate it when those hit because as much as you want to sit & write nothing comes out of your brain haha.

    I love all of these colors & the idea of using those color sample pallets as decoration is really cool.

  2. says

    These are so cute!! I especially love the pantone chip egg things. What fun! Did you make the coasters that we agreed upon? Confession: I didn’t…

  3. says

    Jello eggs, hahah! They look so tasty :-D And I LOOOVE the paint eggs too. SO cute.

    I don’t blog when I’m in a funk too, I can relate. Hope it turns around for you quickly, Krystal and that you’re feel well!! :-) <3

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    oh what adorable easter goodies!! the paint chip garland is seriously too easy not to do!! and i am hooked on rice crispy treats right now lol that has me so tempted!!!

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    Ok so get this. I wanted to make one of those paint sample hanging chandeliers right? Well I go to Home Depot and start looking at the paint samples. It felt like I was there to steal! I mean I know their free but the amount I was needing to take was a LOT! So I start getting the samples and I keep looking around for employees because I figure their going to yell. So after I stuck to giant handfulls in my purse I left. I then hit up Lowes!! lol.

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