You Will Never Guess…

…that I’ve been taking an Improv Performance Class!

No, really. This is not a joke. There’s only ONE more class left of the session. I have not “come out” and told everyone about this yet. Of course, it’s totally awesome. But, I didn’t want anyone to think all of a sudden I’m pursuing an acting career or worse yet, a career in comedy! Yeah right! {Not that that’s a bad thing or anything…}

Since I work for an arts center, I’m eligible to take classes at no cost. In order for a class to run, a certain amount of people have to be registered. So, in an effort to make sure Improv ran {And I have to admit I *was* curious about it!}, I signed up.

We have had five classes so far and it’s been fun… hard, but fun!

Basically each class we learn different Improv “games.” What I didn’t know what how universal the games were. In high school I remember seeing Improv live every Friday night at midnight and having a great time. I, like everyone else, loved Whose Line Is It Anyhow. I still love stand up comedy and sometimes think I’m funny.

But Improv can be tough. Thinking spontaneously… following the “rules”… trying to come up with something to SAY.

So if I don’t end up becoming the next member of a local Improv Troupe, at least I will have gained some confidence and done something I thought I would never do!

And, in case you’re wondering, my favorite Whose Line is it Anyway guy — Ryan Stiles!

I didn’t know that last year GSN ran an Improv show with some of the old popular Whose Line is it Anyway guys!

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  1. says

    Whose Line is it Anyways was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw you’re doing improv! I love Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady.

    Can we have a improv vlog from you? ;)

  2. says

    So fun!!! I would love to do it, but really don’t think I could. I’m not that quick on my feet. Good for you!

    Ahhh, Ryan Stiles! He lives in my college town. Back then my sister and I saw him at the grocery store and were too embarrassed to talk to him. I was curious about where he lived so we totally followed him home! Right to his gated driveway on the lake. We kept a safe distance between cars, but still! Hey psychos! Hahaha.

    “Who’s Line” tours (it’s called Who’s Live Anyway). I really need to see it!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, I love that show. Ryan Stiles is my favorite too. Props to you girl, I could never do this. I remember I took theatre in high school, and we’d do improv sometimes & I am awful at it, but I remember it still being fun :)

  4. says

    OMG how awesome! I teach an improv unit in my Theatre I class and the kids ALWAYS love it! We also have an improv troupe at my school and it is super popular. I think it’s great that you tried it out and gained some confidence! Improv is a lot harder than people think, so KUDOS to you for working hard at that!!

    Oh, and have you seen this?? I always show my kids that when we start working on improv…it’s a great clip to illustrate on how to “kill” a scene! LOL

  5. says

    that is so awesome!!! lol i could never ever do that. im not quick with jokes and would just fail miserably but do you girl! lol

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