Being a Tourist in Your Own Town: Naples Boat Tour

We just moved to Southwest Florida about 7 months ago or so, but it feels like yesterday. There are so many things that we haven’t done and hanging out in Naples is one of them. We have gone out down in Naples a few times, but nothing really on the water! My mom came down to town armed with some Groupons for a cheesy tourst boat ride…a “sight seeing” tour if you will.

I will say, we saw some sights. Mostly in the form of million dollar mansions on the water in Naples. We took the Pure Naples Boat Tour.

All aboard!
Our sweet ride for the afternoon

Taking pictures of people’s houses is a little odd, I know.


Basically after about thirty minutes of boating past mansions and learning about where the founder of Revlon lives or where the guy who invented Haagen Daaz retired, we were able to see the real “sights” of the day. Dolphins!


I must say, I was impressed by how many dolphins were hanging out in this area. Obviously, coming from the Clearwater area, we see dolphins a LOT but there were SO MANY just putting on a show for us.
PS – I guess I’m going to watermark my photos nowadays. is the new Picnik! So far, so good.
After toting around the bay for awhile, we reached the Gulf of Mexico. It was BEAUTIFUL.

The weather was nice and windy — it wasn’t really hot. In fact, this Florida girl had some goosebumps from the “chilly wind.” Yes, the tourists I’m sure thought I was crazy.

I’m not sure what this little boat charges regularly, but one of our Groupons was free and the other was about $15. I’d say not bad for an afternoon out on the water.

And, it just reminded me how many rich people live in Naples. Apparently Tom Hanks just bought a house down where we were “sightseeing.” I wouldn’t mind bumping into him!

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    this is so cute! sometimes it really is fun to be a tourist – especially when dolphins are involved!! and check you and your belly out! so cute :)

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