Book Club Friday: Baby Bargains

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Since Danielle is expecting numero dos and I’m well on my way to having my first, I thought I would share the first helpful baby book I read–Baby Bargains. This book is really popular with girls on The Bump and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

It’s a massive book–608 pages! But, it’s not a very wide book. The pages are narrow…there’s just lots of them. There is SO MUCH information but it was easy to process once you dived in. I think what I liked most about the book was the general knowledge stuff that I had NO idea about. How many diapers would you need in a year? How much does it cost to breast feed versus formula? What do you need in a diaper bag? They estimate it will cost $7,000 for a baby in its first year…. Yikes.

Since I’m the first person I really know to get pregnant and go through this process, I didn’t have many people to ask these kinds of questions to. It will REALLY help when I’m ready to make a registry or make purchases myself. I can use its reviews as a guideline to see what products in my price range are recommended. They always list “cheaper” versions of expensive and popular products. I really liked that section.

The only thing I didn’t like was my crib was rated an F in the last edition….this new edition (they reprint every 2 years with more info!) bumped it up to a B-. Well, that makes me feel better.
They even have a website where you can download a sample chapter and join their community for more reviews of products.

Buy it on Amazon for $11. It’s worth it if you’re totally clueless like I am and can’t seem to navigate the thousands of baby products out there that all seem so similar!

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    That book was like my Bible when I was putting together my registry! Loved the “cheaper versions” feature, too. Not a book, but also check out Lucie’s List ( if you haven’t already found it. Loved that too, and sign up for her emails – they’re great! :)

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    I have never heard of this book before and I just had baby #2 4 weeks ago. It only costs 7K to have a baby if you are including the hospital bills. Really besides diapers and formula I didn’t see the big difference in our budget for necessities now the things i want is a different story. you can really go nutz pampering your babies. But I found this great book on making your own baby food ( be sure to check out my blog) and i have to say that since i bought baby food the first time i am definately making it this time. Good luck with the baby

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    Aw! Congrats on your baby!

    I got to your site from a blog directory map. :P I live in that town that has the initials LA that’s just east of where you were on the map, haha! :P I don’t want to say just in case you like privacy, hah.

    The blog’s not really my normal content, but I thought I’d say hey to a neighbor! :) I’m so excited for you that your blog is doing so well, too! :D Keep it up, sista! Haha!

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