Songs I Should Listen To More {Part 1}

Songs I don’t listen to enough anymore. At one point, these could have been my favorite.
Or, they just remind me of a time, a place, friends, etc.

Maybe by blogging them I’ll go through and listen to them more.

A DJ my girls and I used to looooove.

I’m pretty sure this song kept me awake and not dead when I was driving home from work at 5am. I always drove home with Tiesto up LOUD and the windows DOWN so I could make it through those long nights! {If you can’t stand this type of music, you should at least appreciate that one of the guys from BBMak sang on the track! LOL}

Can never have enough Robyn.

I love this version that Lindsay did from The Voice.

I obviously like her. I have other favorites, ahem, Jermaine Paul, but her songs are ones I want to actually listen to.

I’ve had RENT in my head this entire week! It’s been driving me nuts. In a good way of course. It could never get old.

I’m pretty sure I’ll still be listening to 90s music, well, for forever. Sister Hazel specifically. Technically this song came out in the early 2000s but Sister Hazel just screams 90s to me.

This took me foreverrrr to find because it’s a remix. I couldn’t remember who did this… did you know Myspace still exists? It even had a list of all the songs I’ve had up on my profile since like… forever ago.

At least I hear the clip of this during the Enterprise commercials I feel like I always see.

Lauryn Hill always and forever. I could listen to her all. day. long. I don’t … which is why I’ve created this post.

P.S. Do I love or hate Nikki Minaj’s “Starships.” I can’t decide but I for one never turn it off when it comes on the radio…

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  1. says

    Your music just made my morning!! Sister Hazel? Rusted Root? Rent? Seriously some of my FAVES! I like that chick from The Voice too, I have only seen it a handful of times, but she stuck out to me. xo

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