2 Months

{I have been saving this in drafts for a while — Cannon is actually THREE months today! Though, here’s a 2 month recap to stay up to date}

Life certainly passes you by when you have an infant in the house! Days mesh together, Fridays feel like Mondays, To Do Lists never get done.

It’s been exhausting, fun, busy, sleepless, but also restful. Sometimes I get 8 hours of sleep — that’s AWESOME for me.

So, here we go, TWO MONTHS!


Likes: He is learning to like his play mat, being held, his rock & play, his swing at grandma’s (for whatever reason he doesn’t seem to like the swing we have!), BATHS, grabbing on to anything and everything (my necklace for one), walks, being talked to, eating all day long.
Dislikes: He really hates it when I rub his face with a wipe, the dogs waking him out of a deep sleep, being in his crib, car rides (sometimes). He really is a happy go lucky kinda guy though – we got super lucky! He can be fussy sometimes, but mostly, he is happy if you are looking at him, talking to him, or carrying him.

Eating: Hard to gauge. All day long! Some days he acts like he is hungry and wants 6-8oz… and other days he eats 4oz at a time.

Playing: A little bit here and there. He would bat at the hanging toys on his mat… he laughs and tries to talk to you!


Firsts: “talking,” Halloween, night away from mommy & daddy, tried the Ergo out (HE HATES IT SO FAR… wah!), first time in the Bumbo… again, he’s not a big fan.


Weight: 13.1 lbs!
Height: 23.7 inches
Nickname:I call him a little monster!
Pacifier:Sometimes but not really.
Sleeping:He got into a good schedule of sleeping from about 9-10 and going through until about 5am. Lucky us!
Clothing: He is definitely 3-6 months sized now. The 0-3 month stuff stopped fitting pretty early on. ;) 
Diapers: He just moved up to a size 2!

We have had several visitors from our families to some of my friends! I think people are still surprised that we had a baby. We are basically the first to do so in our group of friends.

Fun Facts
He seems ticklish! It’s fun to watch.
He sticks out his tongue and giggles — it’s adorable.
I love that it’s getting colder outside… I love putting him in baby jeans and sweats!

Looking Ahead: Cannon’s first Christmas! :-)



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    He is so cute!!!! Three months already, wow!

    Don’t give up on the Ergo. Ellie hated her carrier (we have a Beco) up until about 2 months ago (she’s 8 months now), and now she very much prefers it to her stroller. We wear her almost everywhere now. These kids just always keep you guessing! :)

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