Twitter Chats for Bloggers

I have seen a few articles about utilizing Twitter chats for marketers, but I have yet to see one that mentions blogger specific chats. I have included some that are not JUST for bloggers, but have great information for those who are blogging. Social media chats are relevant and full of ideas, and lately I have been drawn to personal finance chats. The financial chats have been a wealth of knowledge for my personal finances and have given me some blog post ideas!

*All times are Eastern.

Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats for Bloggers

9PM: #BlogChat  (A very popular blog chat!)

9PM: #BlogTrends (A blog chat)


2PM: #HSUchat (Social media chat hosted by Hootsuite)

2PM: #LikeableChat (Social media chat by Likeable Media)
8PM: #trendyontwitter (Hosted by A Complete Waste of Makeup & Sarah Scoop every so often.)

8PM: #LinkedInChat (Everything LinkedIn)
9PM: #TBW & #SocialCafe (The Blog Workshop teams up with Social Web Cafe for a dual hashtag chat on blogging. Each week the questions are posted in advance.)
9PM: #BlogGab (A chat for bloggers)

1PM: #frugalcrew (Frugal chat about fashion, crafts, etc. for bloggers)
2PM: #Bareitall (Social media chat hosted by Jeff Barrett who is one of Forbes’ Top 50)
3PM: #creditchat (Experian hosts a weekly chat on finances. This week it’s about creating a budget.)
4PM: #debtchat (Debt Help Org asks questions about being thrifty and finances).
9PM: #PinChat (All things Pinterest)

11AM: #MyBlogGuest (Anything & everything relating to guest posting on blogs)
1PM: #HBRChat (Harvard Business Review chat, on hiatus currently)
1PM: #HBRogue (Business)
2PM: #PSChat (Parenting Chat)
3PM: #WBChat (Wise Bread, an awesome personal finance blog, hosts a living thrifty chat.)
10PM: #MediaChat (Marketing, social media, mobile, etc.)

12PM: #CashChat
2PM: #SciChat (This one is pretty unique. First, view the webinar from 2pm-2:30pm. Social media chat on Twitter immediately follows. Sign up here.)
4PM: #MCChat (This financial chat hosted by Money Crashers covers everything from thrifty parties to budget travel.)

10AM: #SITSShareFest (Another favorite! Link up your favorite posts of the week.)
12PM: #blogbrunch (*The first Saturday of the month*)

Note@TheChatDiary is a great resource to use to find other Twitter chats. I use to participate in Twitter chats, but you can utilize Hootsuite (follow the stream of the hashtag), use Twitter search, or another Twitter chat service. I just like that Twubs let me see all the contributors and saves my Twitter chats so I don’t forget any.

This list will be updated, and I already know I forgot a few! There are so many! This list was compiled with the assistance of Kavita Chintapalli.
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  1. Michelle Rushing Hilton says

    This awesome. I never do these thing, but it has been a goal to start, and you have given me a great list to work with.

  2. McKenzieWild says

    Looks like a great way to use Twitter to get instant access to a wealth of information! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    GREAT list!! What a rocking great post! Is it ok if I mention this post in my webinar on Thursday night in the section that talks about engagement and connecting with others?

  4. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    Great list. I have been part of a few chats but you need to be on the computer, or I do. It can be overwhelming.

  5. Whitney Jones says

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been wanting to do a twitter chat for some time now, but just never have the time to think it through….


  6. rebeccajlsk says

    There are a few that us UK bloggers use which are starting to be utilised by US bloggers (all given in GMT times)

    Sunday – 7pm #lbloggers Lifestyle bloggers chat -topic

    8pm #bbloggers Beauty bloggers chat – topic

    9pm #pbloggers parenting blogger chat

    Tuesdays – 8pm #fblchat for everyone!

    Wednesday – 8pm #bbloggers general chat

  7. Southern Girl Blog Community says

    This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing– I would love for you to go add a file to our SGBC group page with this info (you can link it back to this post) and with your permission, I will add it to the community page!

  8. Angela Scullion says

    Found you from the Thursday link up! Thanks for posting this! I’ve been thinking about adding Twitter to my ‘blog game’ and this helps!

  9. rochellebarlow says

    I’ve never done a twitter chat before. I wouldn’t know what to do! I guess I’ll have to figure it out! Thanks for this awesome list, I’ll definitely bookmark this to come back to again and again.

  10. Michelle Ferguson says

    I had no clue about these Twitter chats! Are they like twitter parties? I always have a hard time keeping up with those!

  11. Jane Lambert says

    I take part from time to time in one of the UK chats; I’ve found it great for finding likeminded people and have made some great friends from it!

  12. Aanie from The Active Mum says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been wondering how to get involved in blog chats for a while now! I appreciate the info! Found at the weekend reads linkup! xx

  13. Gracielle Tamanio says

    I was just thinking about how much I love SITSSharefest and that’s really the only twitter party I know of. Your list is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


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